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We’re all familiar with the radar guns that police use to catch and ticket speeding drivers. Radar guns to detect drivers who text behind the wheel can't be too far away. If law enforcement begins using the guns, they'll surely start issuing lots of "texting tickets." The best advice would be to keep your eyes on the road, slow down, and put your phone away. Pay attention to your driving as if your life depended on it… because it does.
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Family insurance planning is personal and an important part of any financial plan. Many people are reluctant to discuss the possibilities of sickness, death or disability of a loved one, yet we all know anything can happen. That’s why MSH Insurance can help ensure you are covered to shield your financial health when these types of unfortunate events occur

Your family is the most important thing in your life and we can help you make sure you and your family are protected in times of loss or injury.

Group Employee Benefits

Employees come to work for personal and financial success. Business owners start businesses for personal and financial success. Both employee and employer share a common interest; skilled employees want to remain with their employer and employers want to retain skilled employees. Group Health and Benefits are part of the answer to satisfying this common interest. Employers who offer a variety and richness of benefits experience lower turnover and employees that understand their benefit plans appreciate their employers resulting in greater productivity.

Meet with a MSH Insurance Life and Health Agent to learn more about programs available for you and your employees. Don’t forget to ask about government sponsored programs and tax advantaged plans, we may just save you some money!

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Tri-County Industries has been a client of MSH Insurance for many years. We have developed a relationship of trust through the years and can depend… Read Full
—Brenda Cogdell, Executive Director Tri-County Industries
I have known Takyla professionally for a couple of years now, and the help she has provided me as a Benefits Consultant has been invaluable.… Read Full
—Jamie Tharrington, Davenport Auto