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What do magic and selling cheap car insurance have in common?

The answer is DISTRACTION. A magician is always pointing his audience in the wrong direction so they can’t see what’s really going on. Unfortunately, many insurance companies use this same tactic by focusing on how quickly customers can buy a policy, or how funny their TV ads are.

One has to ask, “When did buying serious insurance protection become a laughing matter?” For most of us, driving a car is the riskiest, most dangerous thing we’ll ever do, and we do it almost every day.

Best Coverage AND Best Price

At MSH Insurance, we take insurance very seriously. We begin by getting to know you and learning about your specific insurance needs. Once we’ve designed the ideal policy, one that gives you the protection you deserve, then we begin shopping around for the insurance carrier that offers the best pricing.

As independent agents, we’re able to shop with dozens of carriers to find the very best deal for you. That’s the best of both worlds - coverage and pricing.

False Sense of Security?

One of the problems with the “standard policy” so many companies offer is the false sense of security it provides. You believe you’re fully covered, but when an accident occurs, the policy may fall very short of paying the bills for car repair or replacement, hospital bills, and lawsuits.

For example, Jacob buys an auto policy on the internet with 30/60 liability limits. A few weeks later he rear-ends another car at an intersection. He’s okay, but the other driver, a 70-year-old woman named Martha, goes to the hospital with neck injuries. Turns out the accident has aggravated her pre-existing neck injury. Since Jacob is clearly responsible for causing the accident, he is also responsible for paying $300,000 to cover Martha’s hospital bill, the cash settlement the jury awarded her, and replacing Martha’s car and his own.

His policy covers $30,000 for an individual and $60,000 per accident (more than one person). Most people mistakenly seem to think that, “My insurance will take care of everything.” And that’s not true. In this case, Jacob’s policy will pay $30,000, and that’s it. Jacob, personally, is responsible for the remaining $270,000.

The problem with “cheap” insurance is that it’s cheap, especially when it comes time to pay your accident bills.

Give us a call at MSH today to learn more about the policy that’s right for you.

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Requesting real-time, computer-generated quotes from insurance companies is fast and easy.

BUT… It can often lead to inadequate coverage, higher pricing, and the feeling you’re all alone. Not a great feeling to have when you’ve just been in an auto accident or your home has suffered fire and smoke damage..

When you request a free quote from MSH Insurance, our professional agents will use the information you provide to find the policies best suited for you and your family, at the best prices, from our country’s most trusted, top insurance carriers. As local, independent agents, we’re free to do what’s right for you!

We promise quick, personalized quotes; bundling discounts; and the best service possible. And most important, we’ll be there for you when you need us.

Why not get started today? The quote process takes only about 15 minutes to complete. Before starting your quote, please collect the following information to ensure an accurate quote:

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  • Vehicle Identification Numbers
  • Size and Construction Type of your Home

Please note that completion of the following request for information does not constitute the purchase of insurance. No coverage may be added, changed or bound as a result of submitting this request for information or quotation of insurance. All coverage must be confirmed by the agency in writing subject to an acceptable signed application meeting the underwriting guidelines of the insurance company. Please review our privacy policy.